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10:30am - 07:30pm. Closed on Sundays
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“Be as strong as your nails.”

Nail Health

Our qualified team of professional technicians take utmost care to treat and maintain the highest standard of nail health care and make your nails stronger and fitter.

Nail Maintenance

  • Natural Refills
  • Buff & Gelcoat
  • Removals

Tip Repair

  • Gel Polish Tip
  • Gel French Tip
  • Gel French Glitter Tip
  • Gel Full/Falling Glitter Tip
  • Natural Acrylic Big Toe Refill
  • Natural Tip Repair
  • French Tip Repair
  • Pink & White Sculpting Tip Repair
  • Glitter French Tip Repair
  • Natural Acrylic Big Toe
  • Glitter Full Tip Repair